Cazembe Jacksonian Fried Chicken

Maybe in the future we'll get some recipes for hot wings, buttermilk chicken, deep frying, or even some baked or vegetarian alternatives! We'll see. In the meantime, you can check out Episode 2: Fried Chicken with Cazembe Jackson to hear the conversation this ubiquitous Southern delicacy sparked.

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Marcus Ellsworth
Josiah Golson's Favorite "Smack-aroni" and Cheese Recipe

Josiah Golson of Chattanooga, TN was kind enough to share his family's favorite macaroni and cheese recipe. A recipe that is so impressive that it's called Smack-aroni and cheese. We assume that's because it's lip-smacking good. Or because you might have to smack your cousin's hand away so you can get that good corner piece where the cheese is burnt just right.

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