Vahisha Hasan Takes Us to Church

Vahisha Hasan is an assistant professor of Human Services at the Memphis Center for Urban and Theological Studies (MCUTS), Executive Director of Movement in Faith, and (in her own words) does the MOST! And she truly does the most of what she can for organizing people for mental health, racial justice, and gender justice in faith communities. Vahisha knows firsthand the paradox of how important organizing in Black faith communities has always been, and yet there are systems of patriarchy, sexism, and stigma against LGBTQ+ folks that are perpetuated in many (but certainly not all) religious communities.

We thought that in our first full episode after the funeral of Aretha Franklin, Vahisha would be the perfect person to talk about the great, the beautiful, and the terrible things that transpired during the service for Aretha. And she certainly was. We start with Vahisha's fave recipe for Fried Corn, a dish that her grandma served almost every week and remains a staple at Vahisha's table. From there, we go into the complicated relationship many of us have with our faith and the leaders in our congregations. We talked about the necessity of pastors teaching each other about inclusive ministry and what accountability looks like for people of faith. 

We had a great time talking to Vahisha and we learned so much even as we just scratched the surface on this topic. We hope you enjoy the conversation and a side of Fried Corn in this episode of The Chocolate Therapy Podcast.

You can learn more about Vahisha's work at

Movement In Faith

You can also purchase Vahisha Hasan's book here (in e-book or spiral bound hard copy), "Resipiscence: A Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy"

About The Book: “Resipiscence” is defined as “a change of mind or heart, reformation, a return to a sane, sound, or corrected view or position” (Merriam-Webster). The contributors within these pages are absolutely calling for a change of both mind and heart in the way we love or do not love our neighbor, a reform in oppressive structural institutions, and in light of the national political tone, a resolute call for a return to a corrected view of what and who made, makes, and will make this country great.

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