In The Kitchen with Marie Mott

Marie is the titular host of The Marie Mott Show, a radio show in Chattanooga, TN where Marie discusses what's going on in the city. Monday through Friday, Marie tackles the issues affecting the people of Chattanooga. From neighborhood news to systemic problems in the police department, Marie covers it all. 

Marie surprised us by showing up ready to cook her Pineapple Upside Down Cake with us, thereby instating what shall now me known as The Marie Rule: if guest can join us in person from here on out, they gonna cook with us.

Needless to say, the cake was DELICIOUS! We really encourage y'all to pop over the recipe page and try this one for yourself. SO GOOD!

Then we sat at the table with Marie to talk about the case of Unjolee Moore, a Chattanooga man who was wrongfully convicted of a murder he could not have possibly committed. Unjolee has been in prison for almost 9 years despite evidence that places him far from the murder scene and points definitively to other suspects. We also talk about some of the problems with how Chattanooga's city government mistreats the poor, gentrification, and the ways in which our city and state fails the working class.

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Marcus Ellsworth