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Marcus Ellsworth


Jordan Scruggs

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Marcus has been cooking since he was tall enough to see over the stove. He's been in Tennessee since he was six years old, but will judge you harshly if your gumbo recipe isn't on point. He is a writer, spoken word artist, occasional journalist, and social justice mercenary supporting many causes for improving the quality of life for all people.

He is a fan of all things horror and sci-fi. His lifelong dream is to be the first official Black gay American Doctor Who, and he carries out his misadventures accordingly. The difference is that his companions always make it back home. 

Please direct all of your cat memes and futile screams into the void to @HarlequinTears on Twitter.


Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jordan Scruggs is a communicator and activist that specializes in reproductive justice and progressing LGBTQ rights. Raised on collards, chitlins, and yellow cake.

But also Proud Gemini. Proud Ravenclaw.

Proud defender of Southern and Soul food.

Challenge them against Whitney Houston and Serena Williams being the GOAT if you dare.

If anyone knows when/where they can propose to Cindi Electro Phi Bae Janelle Monáe, please forward that information to @Jscruggs0601 on Twitter.

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